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Transplanting of follicular unit micrografts is the most commonly chosen hair restoration procedure. This technique results in hairlines that provide the most natural-looking outcome.

What is the FUG Procedure?

In Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG), Dr. Alexander removes only a single strip of donor hairs from the back of the head with each session. He then uses a meticulous plastic surgery closure of the donor area resulting in a single fine line from where the strip was removed, which is virtually undetectable. By transplanting individual micrografts along the hairline, the results are permanent and give a completely natural appearance. The most important aspect of an aesthetic restoration is to design a hairline placement that is age-appropriate; Dr. Alexander will educate you on your options, and work with you to achieve the best result possible.

What is a micrograft?

Hair naturally grows on the head as individual follicular units. Each follicular unit micrograft typically contains one to four hairs. Dr. Alexander utilizes the varying densities of these micrografts to design a natural and aesthetically pleasing hair restoration. The single-hair grafts are placed in an irregular pattern along the hairline, and the two-, three- and four-hair grafts are placed farther behind to create more visual density. Creating this design is where the true artistry of hair transplantation becomes apparent. By transplanting individual follicular unit micrografts so precisely, Dr. Alexander and his team exactly mimic the way hair grows naturally in the body.

Hair Transplant Partnership
Toronto Hair Transplant Centre

the toronto hair transplant center & dr ashlin announce partnership

Oakville, Ontario: The Toronto Hair Transplant Centre today announced the addition of a new surgeon partner, Dr. Ashlin Alexander. Dr. Alexander brings 10 years of hair transplant experience that will strengthen and enhance the pioneering excellence of our hair transplant and restoration services.

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