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Facial Reconstruction After Injury

Car accidents can lead to significant facial trauma, leaving telling signs of the injuries sustained, acting as reminders of misfortune. The nose is a delicate structure that often cannot withstand the impact and force in a car accident. Often the result of such an accident will be a crooked, bent or scarred nose and a face that doesn’t quite look like your own. Cuts and abrasions sustained elsewhere may also refuse the completely fade and may be unsightly, especially when they visible on the face. This is when Dr. Ashlin Alexander can help.

Facial Reconstruction After a Vehicle Accident

The entirety of Dr. Ashlin Alexander’s art and practice revolves around facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery, including scar revision. His experience and talent in nasal reconstruction and his delicacy and expertise in scar revision make him one of the premiere options for this vital corrective surgery.

Scar Revision in Toronto

If you have suffered a car accident or other injury and you are in need of scar revision, nose surgery or any kind of cosmetic surgery to aid in the resolving damage from trauma, then we urge you to visit with us for a private consultation with Dr. Ashlin Alexander. He will address all of your concerns and work with you to help you look like yourself again and restore your confidence in your appearance.

Rhinoplasty for Nasal Injuries

After a car accident the nose can be left deformed, sometimes severely. Anything from a kink or slight bend to more serious damage affecting facial appearance can be the after-effect of a collision. This sort of injury not only changes your appearance but may lead to difficulty in healthy breathing.

Choosing to have a nose surgery to correct a break or injury to the nose can allow you to once again feel confident in your facial appearance. You can have your nose reshaped to be more in balance with the rest of your face as well as making sure that any internal injuries are corrected, and breathing function restored.

Severely Broken Nose Structure:
Corrective Surgery

Severely broken noses can be corrected with custom nose surgery. The delicate bones and cartilage of the nasal bridge and the surrounding area can be reconstructed to allow normal breathing and a more balanced and aesthetic looking nose and that enhances your unique facial structure.

Dr. Ashlin Alexander is dedicated to precision and detail in his work and will even utilize computer imagining helping you visualize the intended results of your nose surgery.

Scar Revision

The face can sustain many severe injuries during a car accident, such as cuts, abrasions or even burns. These can occur on any combination of areas such as on the lips, eyebrows, forehead and cheeks, jaw and chin. If these wounds are deep, broad or jagged and do not heal properly, they can leave unsightly, visible scars on your face. There is also the possibility of scars from stitches or surgery that were needed to close wounds sustained in a vehicle accident.

Our Toronto scar revision is an option to minimize the extent or visibility of scars. This can be accomplished with the use of various techniques depending on the shape, breadth and depth of the scar and the area of the face on which the scar is located.

Scar Revision Techniques

Corrective surgery for a scar replaces an existing scar with a new scar that is less obvious. Scar revision techniques that involve incisions allow the surgeon to reorient the scar so that is will have the least amount of tension, reducing the overall thickness or visibility of the scar.

The results of scar revision treatments can vary widely, and the outcome of scar revision surgery or other treatments will be the result of the skill, experience, and techniques of the surgeon as well as the extent of the original scar and your own genetics. Dr. Ashlin Alexander specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and has a deep understanding of how skin heals and uses minimally invasive techniques as much as possible so as to create optimal results for his patients.

Why Do Lawyers Refer Their Clients To Dr. Ashlin Alexander For Reconstruction?

When car accidents are severe enough that the injured person seeks legal help, the lawyer takes on the responsibility of seeking compensation for injuries, including treatment for face and body scars. Many lawyers refer their clients to Dr. Alexander, as they are confident in his surgical skills and artistry and want their clients to have access to a top-quality facial plastic surgeon. Any person that is left with facial scars after a car accident needs to be placed in the most capable hands to ensure that their lives can return towards normal, and the long-term consequences of facial injuries can be resolved with the most advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Scar Revision Treatments for Improved Quality of Life.

Many lawyers refer their clients to Dr. Ashlin Alexander specifically for scar revision and nose surgery after a car accident. He provides among the highest quality results that these lawyer’s clients need and deserve. Dr. Alexander is a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon that has trained and worked all over the world. His focus is specific to the face which allows him to be very exact and precise with his techniques. The goal of facial cosmetic surgery is always to achieve natural and aesthetic-looking results that complement rather than distract from your appearance.

Restoring a Natural Look: Dr. Ashlin Alexander

After scheduling a consultation with Dr. Ashlin Alexander and meeting him in person to discuss your scar revision or nose surgery, you will feel confident that you are in capable hands. Dr. Ashlin Alexander and his team will help you through every step of your journey towards feeling more confident in your appearance.

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