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Dr. Ashlin Alexander believes that stunning, successful results flourish in an environment of trust and true communication. Combining a passion for aesthetic artistry and precision with a highly approachable, compassionate demeanor, Dr. Alexander seeks to enhance each client’s innate beauty while working to minimize genetic and age-related flaws. His approach is impeccably detailed and customized, earning him a reputation as amongst Toronto’s most trusted names in cosmetic surgery in Toronto.




Hair Transplant

For those struggling with the wrinkles, fine lines and sagging contours of the aging process, a facelift can revitalize your appearance, knocking years of your perceived age and giving you a new level of self-confidence, both personally and professionally. Learn More

As the central feature of the face, the nose is a highly defining factor in the appearance, and as such must be harmoniously balanced with the mouth, eyes and cheeks. Rhinoplasty works to create a holistically beautiful nose that does not draw attention to itself, but rather lends focus to the smile. Learn More

Dr. Alexander offers a variety of safe, proven, non-invasive treatments for the complexion and the skin, which in many cases can be just as effective as facial surgery in reshaping the facial contours. From BOTOX, Restylane and Radiesse to Sculptra, Kybella and Juvederm, we have a full line of injectables and facial fillers to choose from. Learn More

Thick, luxurious hair that you can run your fingers through is one of the enduring hallmarks of youth, and when the hairline recedes, frustration with one’s appearance can become unbearable. The hair transplant procedure works to restore the hairline through the transfer of healthy follicles from a donor site, boosting your confidence and giving you a new lease on life. Learn More

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Ashlin Alexander, MD

Dr. Ashlin Alexander has spent a lifetime devoting himself to the nuanced, detailed pursuit of aesthetic excellence in the field of facial plastic surgery, anti-aging technology and hair restoration. He completed amongst the most challenging and elite fellowships at NYU in Manhattan, New York, followed by an additional fellowship in Australia at the renowned Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute, now bringing to Toronto a sophisticated, international perspective that informs his meticulously personalized approach making him arguably the best cosmetic surgeon Toronto has to offer.

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