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Bushy is back! Runways and red carpets everywhere are being graced by models and celebrities with thicker, bolder eyebrows! The goal of hair transplantation to the eyebrows (“eyebrow restoration”) is to recreate natural-looking eyebrows.

Your Customizable Eyebrow Transplant

Our eyebrow transplantation in Toronto restores density and definition to eyebrows that are completely missing or overly thinned, or to camouflage unsightly scars through the eyebrow region. Absence of hair can be hereditary (naturally thin eyebrows), or due to over-plucking, overzealous prior hair removal (electrolysis or laser), thyroid or other hormonal abnormalities, or trauma (burns, surgery, accidents). Eyebrow restoration is very technical, requiring a great deal of artistry and precision to provide an aesthetic result. It is also a very personal decision—Dr. Alexander will work with you to provide you with that natural result that you desire.

Donor Hairs for Eyebrow Transplantation

Scalp hair is the ideal donor source for eyebrow transplantation. To provide the most natural result, single hairs are delicately transplanted one by one, at exactly the right position and angulation to mimic natural hair growth. The natural curl, unique flat hair angle, and flare-to-fishbone design pattern of the eyebrow are all integral to the creation of an attractive and full eyebrow contour.

Any variation from this ideal risks an abnormal appearance. Transplanted scalp hair continues to grow for a lifetime, and so requires regular maintenance trimming, typically once per month.

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Procedure & Results

A typical eyebrow restoration can require anywhere from 50 to 350 grafts per eyebrow, which requires a 2.5 to 5 cm donor strip from the scalp. In some cases, FUE may be utilized instead to harvest donor hairs.

The procedure is performed under mild oral sedation with local anesthesia, as a day procedure, and takes 2 to 4 hours. It is essentially painless and patients find it very comfortable.

Apart from minimal crusting and redness in the first 3 to 5 days, patients are fully presentable and able to return to most regular activities the day after the procedure. Brows should be kept dry for 5 days.

Donor site sutures are removed at one week post-op. The transplanted hairs typically fall out at around 2 to 3 weeks, and then start to regrow at approximately 4 months. Occasionally (approximately 10% of the time) hairs grow in less than the ideal direction—these few hairs can be plucked out if desired or sometimes trained to grow in just the right direction. Re-growth rates can be lower in eyebrow transplantation; therefore, a touch-up procedure to optimize symmetry and density may be required at 9 to 12 months. From this point forward, they will continue to grow for a lifetime. Dr. Ashlin Alexander offers arguably the best eyebrow transplant Toronto has to offer.

Hair Transplant Partnership
Toronto Hair Transplant Centre

the toronto hair transplant center & dr ashlin announce partnership

Oakville, Ontario: The Toronto Hair Transplant Centre today announced the addition of a new surgeon partner, Dr. Ashlin Alexander. Dr. Alexander brings 10 years of hair transplant experience that will strengthen and enhance the pioneering excellence of our hair transplant and restoration services.

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