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Women’s health needs are often quite unique compared to men, and the same is true for hair loss. The relative uncommon incidence of female baldness makes it that much more distressing for women who do suffer from this condition.

Treatment of female hair loss is different than in men, due to the diffuseness of hair loss patterns, the variety of women’s hairstyles, and the shape of the female hairline. For example, instead of a fronto-temporal recession of hair like that seen in men, a woman’s hairline descends downward and is rounded, often with a cowlick distinguished by hair angles that point in a distinct backward-tilting angle.

For most women, hair loss occurs due to inherited female pattern baldness; but, other medical causes can also contribute, including low iron and thyroid hormone levels, elevated testosterone levels, eating disorders, and pregnancy. Another common cause of hair loss in women relates to poor scarring and distortion of hair growth following facial surgery (e.g. facelift, brow-lift). Finally, some women who have excessively high foreheads (congenital, receding hairline, or post-facial cosmetic surgery) seek improved facial harmony, either through hair transplantation, or a surgical hairline lowering procedure.

Dr. Alexander understands the complexities of hair transplantation in women, and is very careful in ensuring that surgery will be safe and effective before moving forward. While hair transplantation in women has its own nuances, for the right patient it can provide life-changing, restorative results.

Am I a candidate for a hair transplant?

Women who experience hair loss as a result of genetics, medication, pregnancy, or other conditions may be candidates for hair transplant surgery. Hair loss can happen at any age and can be a source of discomfort for many women. You may have tried a variety of hair styles, hair extensions, wigs, and topical creams but are frustrated with your results.

Many women experience a general thinning of their hair or a receding hairline. Those who are considering the procedure should have areas of dense hair growth where donor hair follicles can be harvested.

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About the Procedure

Female hair transplant surgery in Toronto offers a long-term solution for women who experience thinning or uneven hair. Dr. Alexander will first analyze your balding pattern and help you determine the areas where transplants are needed. A donor site will be identified, usually on the back of the head in a discreet location. Follicles are then harvested and prepared for relocation.

The hairs can be transplanted individually or in groups of 30-40. Our surgeon delicately places each hair in a way that gives you natural-looking density and thickness. You may need several surgery sessions to achieve your desired fullness, allowing time to heal between each procedure. What is recovery like after hair transplant?

You will return home the same day as your procedure. You should get plenty of rest in the first few days following your procedure and avoid strenuous activities. After approximately one to two weeks, other people will not even be able to tell you had hair transplant surgery.

You can wash your hair after 3 days, but should continue to be gentle, particularly near your incisions, for seven to ten days. If you have short hair, growing out your hair to at least one inch before the procedure will help you conceal the incisions.

Expected Results for Female Hair Transplant

It may take a few months to have noticeable growth from the transplanted follicles, and up to one year to see the final results of your procedure. It can take a few more months of growth before the new hair matches the length of your existing hair. Results can include:

  • Thicker, fuller hair overall
  • Youthful hairline that is not receding
  • Natural-looking hair density
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Reduced bald spots

The results of your female hair transplant procedure will be long-lasting, and your heightened self-esteem will give you a vibrant, healthy glow.


What causes hair loss?

Hair loss is extremely common. Many people experience a general thinning or balding as they age. It is often genetic, but hair loss in women can also be caused by:

  • Certain medications or medical conditions
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition
  • Tight hairstyles or over-styling
  • Scarring from a cosmetic procedure like a facelift

What are the benefits of hair transplant surgery?

Many women try to cover up hair loss by wearing wigs, hair extensions, or concealing hair styles. Each solution is only temporary and may even require adjustment or re-styling throughout the day. Female hair transplant surgery in Toronto removes uncertainty and gives you natural-looking hair that looks and feels like your own - because it is!

How can I prepare for hair transplant surgery?

Do not smoke or drink alcohol for at least 24-48 hours before your procedure. Avoid getting a haircut prior to your surgery, especially if you want to be able to cover up your incisions with your hair. Wash your hair as you normally would. Dr. Alexander will help you determine if you need to make adjustments to your current medication.

Is hair transplant surgery painful?

The procedure is typically not painful for most patients. Your scalp will be numbed for the procedure, and any post-procedure discomfort can be easily treated with painkillers.

How long to hair transplants last?

Hair transplant surgery is one of the most successful ways to restore hair growth. The transplants often last for many years with the proper care. You can also prolong your results by using minoxidil or other topical creams to encourage hair growth. How soon can I color my hair after receiving transplants?

Your sutures should be removed before considering hair color or processing. Women can usually resume all haircare, including coloring, after about two weeks.

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