Female Hair Transplant Toronto

Women’s health needs are often quite unique compared to men, and the same is true for hair loss. The relative uncommon incidence of female baldness makes it that much more distressing for women who do suffer from this condition.

Treatment of female hair loss is different than in men, due to the diffuseness of hair loss patterns, the variety of women’s hairstyles, and the shape of the female hairline. For example, instead of a fronto-temporal recession of hair like that seen in men, a woman’s hairline descends downward and is rounded, often with a cowlick distinguished by hair angles that point in a distinct backward-tilting angle.

For most women, hair loss occurs due to inherited female pattern baldness; but, other medical causes can also contribute, including low iron and thyroid hormone levels, elevated testosterone levels, eating disorders, and pregnancy. Another common cause of hair loss in women relates to poor scarring and distortion of hair growth following facial surgery (e.g. facelift, brow-lift). Finally, some women who have excessively high foreheads (congenital, receding hairline, or post-facial cosmetic surgery) seek improved facial harmony, either through hair transplantation, or a surgical hairline lowering procedure.

Dr. Alexander understands the complexities of hair transplantation in women, and is very careful in ensuring that surgery will be safe and effective before moving forward. While hair transplantation in women has its own nuances, for the right patient it can provide life-changing, restorative results.

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